Wood milestone tiles

Baby goes through several milestones during his first years of life, from his first smile to his first steps! These are the perfect accessories to capture these important moments, in addition to being able to add them to baby's keepsake box, to have memories to hold on to forever.

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Wood milestone tiles

Wooden tile set


Wood milestone tiles

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The wooden tile set – My firsts de Jubanou composes a unique and fun gift to give or receive! The vision behind this set aims to create a small event behind each developmental milestone that baby achieves, while allowing parents to keep them as a souvenir. The set includes 12 wooden pellets with actions that baby will perform during his first year and a half of life, from his first smile to his first steps! At the bottom of the pellet, a dedicated space to enter the date on which the event occurred is visible. The perfect accessory to capture these important moments in photos, in addition to being able to add it to baby’s childhood memory box, a question of having the memory forever!

Celebrate every important moment of baby's development from birth to +-24 months with our wood milestone tiles! Highlighting the most popular stages of baby's development, they are the perfect tool for all parents who wish to immortalize these moments for a lifetime.


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Made from natural wood, the milestone tiles are lightweight, unisex and designed to match perfectly in any decor you wish for. In French on one side, then in English on the other, they know how to accommodate all families who wish to highlight and share magical moments with the family.

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Our wood milestone tiles are easy to use! Use a pen of your choice to mark the date the action you wish to celebrate takes place, then take a video or photo of baby in action! Finally, share this magical moment with family and friends, then add tile to baby’s keepsake box.

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