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To learn more about the company’s story and mission but also the team behind all the hard work and creation, this section is for you.


After studying in graphic design, elementary education, early childhood education and in management, all while working at the Wendake CPE for 6 years, I decided I needed to change all of it. The fixed schedules and the lack of daily challenges no longer suited my goals and the image I had for myself futur self. It was time for me to take all this learning baggage and create something unique and concrete.  
It was on January 1, 2021 that my spouse and I took the biggest decision our our lives : the one to sell everything and go live on an island in Mexico. It was during this stay that the very first Jubanou product was created, the Hello World milestone blanket. A few months passed by filled with lots of fun and new challenges. But truth be told was that we missed family and friends terribly. A few weeks of vacation in Quebec quickly turned into a few months, then an official return here, at home, where family, friends and our cultural origins called us back. It was then that we chose to restore life and business among the community of Wendake, at the heart of it all.
– Jade, founder and president



Each product has been exclusively  designed for parents and parents-to-be who seek to create timeless memories from the comfort of their own home. It’s not always easy to find cute accessories to immortalize baby’s evolution and growth in his first years of life. What is above all difficult is to find these cute products that can also be used in the daily life of your children. Welcoming a mini you to this world already costs a lot of money, so our mission is to offer more for less. This is reflected as much in the quality of the products as in our prices and even our offers. For example, when you purchase a milestone blanket, not only is it a great backsplash to take monthly photos during baby’s 1st year, but it’s also great for daily use during and after baby’s 1st year of life. Not to mention the extra accessories that come in the set, such as a cute bib and a hair bow or a beanie hat (depending on the set), that all can be used on the long run.
The Name


Juban – an unknown name by many that we simply find beautiful.

“Juban – à – nous”  means our Juban in French.

Simplify your life

The perfect gifts

In addition to being the perfect products to offer yourself, they also make the perfect gift for gender reveal parties, baby showers and birthdays for young children. No more headaches on what to give during these special events, we are here to make it easier for you by offering you unique and trendy gift sets that are ready to give.

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Designed and packed here

All of our products have been designed and created by the owner herself, seeking to create colorful visuals that represent for her joy, youth, but also her colorful culture. In addition, each product is carefully packaged at our warehouse located in Wendake.

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